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Elite is an Entrance Coaching Centre located in YMCA,Calicut, Kerala with a solid track record of 20 years. Elite has been offering the material, motivation and mastery that is required to create achievers. We mould Entrance Exam aspirants in such a way that imbibing conceptual knowledge, strategic decision making and attempting practical applications becomes a cakewalk for them. The faculty consists of highly qualified and experienced teachers who possess extensive teaching methodology & the brainiac educationist/trainers of Elite entrance coaching centre team espouse microscopic, innovative & extremely translucent methods of teaching, enriched with self developed theoretic tricks & techniques. The mentor at Elite entrance coaching centre not only coaches the students with studies to crack the entrance exams with topmost scores but also polish student's perceptions, approaches, attention span, attitude & discipline. They leave no stone unturned to impart you quality education impeccably. Our class room sessions are all-inclusive, from drilling new practical & theoretical applications to problem & doubt solving. Elite entrance coaching centre fundamentally aims in being the undisputed Gurus' in Career Counseling & Guidance industry.

Principles that build the foundation of Elite entrance coaching centre are:

Drive to Desire:

Endurance of strength of mind matters to us hence we believe that drive to desire should exist in an aspirant primarily to achieve greatness in anything they pursue.

Drive to Transcend:

Our approach motivates aspirants and energizes them go beyond the long- established customary boundaries and expectations. You can envision a drastic change in the aspirant's attitude towards studies & career. Once the aspirant bids adieu to Elite entrance coaching centre to embark upon the journey of professional life, he/she is far more self- reliant, optimistic and creative.

There is no substitute for hardwork:

Elite's Mantra is dedicated hard work. We have an exhaustive courseware for all the programs and we offer them timely. Elite entrance coaching centre completely deems that determined efforts matters more that inbuilt dexterity.

Apt Career Counseling & Guidance:

Elite as a leading entrance coaching centre delivers an appropriate counseling to every student who seeks for career advice and information. The guidance and counseling provided in taking into consideration their aspirations, factors that influences them, envisaging their dreams and the skills they possess. This advises help students in understanding the current market trend, their cognitive talent and support them be the torch bearer in any sphere they wish move ahead.

Our Mission:

Elite YMCA, as the name suggests is an educational exploration, a mission & a progression! With appropriate counseling & rigorous practice, encouraged by a kindled fire to outshine and preserve repentantly even an average learner can very well crack a nationalized entrance exam. With this belief Elite entrance coaching centre bolsters its students and hopes to clear the illusion that fences the entrance exam preparation instigated by the increased numbers in the money minting entrance coaching centres across the country. Elite entrance coaching centre desires to establish itself as a realistic, resourceful, reliable and reputed service provider in the field of Career Counseling and Guidance. We also promise to continue rapid growth rate by commencing new courses to its product portfolio and increase its market dispersion gradually.

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